Welcome to Scribble Mint

An organizational tool for authors and scholars

Books are long

Thousands of words. Lots of pages. If you have more than a few characters and plotlines, things can get confusing. Maybe not Game of Thrones confusing, but it's still a lot to keep in your head all at once. And we're not just talking books: Plays, screenplays, TV series, term papers, excuses for not going to your cousin's wedding, etc.

Stuff is hard

So there are a bunch of tools and programs to make stuff less hard, but those tools end up becoming a job unto themselves. Most of us can't even take notes during the last half of the semester, and now you're asking us to flag, tag, and bag every other sentence so we can print out a graph telling us how much time we spent not writing anything?

You are scared and alone

Deadlines are approaching. Guilt is setting in. It's dark. You're getting crow's feet. What was that noise? Probably a ghost. You haven't called your mother in weeks. Your friends say things behind your back. Your tongue doesn't really fit comfortably in your mouth.

Also, terrorists.

We will save you

Scribble Mint was started by one of our founders trying to finish a novel. He wrote and he rewrote, he read and reread, he lost hair and his nerves began to snap. Then, just as he started thinking all the people who beat him up in high school were right after all, he realized he just needed to know who was where in what order and how often.

Scribble Mint does a bit more than that, but its purpose is to be a simple tool to solve these simple problems. No telling you how to compose your project, no limits on what you keep track of or how you want to track it.

It's the rolodex and stack of index cards the 21st century has been waiting for, with some colored pencils tossed in. We're still working on this part of the pitch.

The terrorists are still your problem, but with Scribble Mint you might at least finish your book and call your mother before they get you.


The basic tools are free and always will be. We're going to find a way to make something even more awesome and charge you for it, but for now you have nothing to lose but precious moments of your life. And you've already spent two minutes reading this;

— The Scribble Mint team