Why is it called Scribble Mint?

Because scribble.it was taken. Also it sounds like Doublemint, which will help when we have to clarify that it's not "scribblement."

Are you selling our info?

No. We don't have ads, so there's no money in selling your demographic data, and selling your in-progress creative work would be a pretty epic betrayal of trust.

Speaking of my work, do you take security seriously?

As seriously as a heart attack. More seriously, really: you might survive a heart attack, our business wouldn't survive a serious data breach.

Do you support importing an existing manuscript?

We do not. In the future, we will attempt to provide this as a paid feature, as it is a non-trivial task.

Can I edit a manuscript in here an export a word document?

Darn tootin' you can.

And it will automatically track scene changes and data changes as I type, for a fluid, robust composition experience?

Yes, already. We're working on it.

What about play and screenplay formats?

If we start making money and getting requests for that, we'll start working on it. However, for screenwriting, we recommend the excellent Final Draft. The rules for screenplay formats are draconian, and the slightest error will disqualify your work, so it's worth the money.

Did you steal your colorscheme from Byword?

Yes. Yes we did.


We liked it, we share some principles with them, and it would be great if they bought us out.

Did you notice their colorscheme changed?

No we didn't, but thanks for pointing that out, Justin.